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Find your base.

Find your base.

Try a five-day supply of each  CBD + adaptogen formula.
Use code: 20FOR20
 at checkout.

Try a five-day supply of each CBD + adaptogen formula. Use code: TRYBASELINE at checkout.

meet baseline.

Smart CBD + adaptogen blends to recover your best self.

Seize the day, clear the fog, wind it down, catch some Zs. Whatever your needs, our CBD formulations are here to bring your body home.

Can't decide? Try them all.

Energy, clarity, stress, sleep: there are many ways to restore balance. Find your baseline with our Essentials Kit.


Try 20 days (a five-day supply of each) of our CBD+ adaptogen formulas.


Nothing but the best.

Our hemp-derived CBD includes terpenes so you get all the benefits nature intended.

  • Full-Spectrum

  • Non-Intoxicating

  • Non GMO

  • Lab Tested

  • Superior Bioavailability

  • Lab Tested