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A Response to Modern Life

Through extensive research and interviews, we identified the four most common wellness-related problems that people suffer from in today’s hyper-connected world: energy lulls, lack of focus, difficulty sleeping, and straight-up stress. Sound familiar?

Introducing the baseline lineup:

Day Shift: Energy Support
Fog Lifter: Clarity & Focus
Ground Control: Stress Support
REM Ritual: Sleep Support


Consumed for millennia across almost every culture on earth, adaptogens are specific herbs and mushrooms that help your body adapt to stressors and exert a normalizing effect on bodily processes. These may be physical, chemical, or biological needs.  

At baseline, we’ve expertly paired these time-honored medicinals with pure, full-spectrum CBD to promote a range of benefits including stress and hormone balance, physical and mental endurance (including sexual stamina), and cognitive health.

The Highest Standards

From the hemp we use for our CBD to the adaptogens that go into each and every batch, we are dedicated to sourcing only the purest, most natural, and finest-quality ingredients. We set an extremely high standard for ourselves—see for yourself.

All of our products are non-GMO, meaning they contain no genetically modified organisms whatsoever.

Lab Tested
Our CBD undergoes rigorous in-house and independent third-party lab testing. We provide Certificates of Analysis for each of our products (located at the bottom of each product page).

Full-Spectrum CBD
Our hemp is grown in Colorado with nothing but sun, water, and vitamin-rich soil. Our CBD is “full spectrum,” meaning we don't chemically isolate parts of the plant but harvest it in its beautiful, natural entirety. That means our CBD is complemented by other parts of the hemp plant—including terpenes and other cannabinoids—that work together to provide deeper and more holistic benefit.