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The Story of Baseline

The Story of Baseline

Hi! We’re baseline.

We’re a team of health nuts, scientists, startup people, and plant lovers. As we set about researching and testing every CBD product known to mankind, we wondered why no one had made something like baseline yet.

Our goal was to create a simplified CBD product that allows you to function better, to move with more ease and grace, and to feel good every day. Through extensive research and interviews, we zeroed in on the 4 most common wellness-related problems in today’s hyper-connected world: energy lulls, lack of focus, difficulty sleeping, and straight-up stress. Sound familiar?

Baseline uses CBD supercharged with adaptogen to address these all too common issues. These plant-based ingredients have been used for millennia, across every culture, to help the body cope with stress and regain balance.

But not all CBD is created equal.

Baseline CBD is extracted from the finest quality hemp, grown on the sun-soaked valleys of Colorado. We only use full-spectrum cannabidiol, so you benefit from the “entourage effect”, the interactive synergy of the many compounds within the hemp plant called cannabinoids.

But quality alone doesn’t ensure you’re getting the most out of the plant. CBD can be absorbed into the bloodstream in various amounts, depending on how the active ingredients are encapsulated. We use liposomal technology so that each ingredient is as bioavailable possible. Otherwise...what's the point?

Is CBD a supplement? We say yes.

Our body’s endocannabinoid system is always on duty, playing a key role in regulating basic functions like stress, mood, sleep, digestion, metabolism, immunity, and inflammatory response. Keeping this vast range of functions in equilibrium is referred to as homeostasis. Baseline formulations are designed for daily use to naturally supplement the body, providing immediate effects and cumulative benefits. Our dry capsules format makes dosing foolproof, with lighter, daytime blends for an energetic or focusing effect and higher strength nighttime formulations for a sedative effect.

Basically, baseline = ancient wisdom + modern technology.

Baseline was co-engineered alongside a team of Dutch scientists with deep knowledge of the hemp plant. They shared our passion for ancient adaptogens and our obsession with bioavailability, and together we fine-tuned each formulation until they were perfect. Until they were ready to share with you.

We hope you love it and benefit from it as much as we are. We're sure you will. Be sure to tell us what you think @baselinecbd or reach out to We’re here to listen.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your every day. 

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