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AM or PM | When Should You Take CBD?

AM or PM | When Should You Take CBD?


CBD is still widely misunderstood, especially when it comes to how it’s used. When we developed baseline, we wanted to create formulas for both day and night, because we know it can help you maintain a healthy rhythm whether you’re awake or asleep. While there’s no right time of day to take CBD, there are ways to know what’s best for you.

First, everybody reacts to CBD differently, so spend time experimenting. (Our Essentials kit has a 5-day supply of each baseline formulation to make it easy.) During this discovery phase, you will collect information about how CBD feels in your body, whether it increases or decreases your energy level.  The compound can start interacting with the endocannabinoid system within minutes, although the deeper, more noticeable benefits may occur after regular long-term use. Take note of how it affects you. CBD is magical, and we encourage you to dedicate the time it takes to learn how it can benefit you.

Secondly, studies have shown that lower dosage CBD increases energy, while higher dosage increases relaxation and sleepiness. Each of our daytime formulas contains low 10mg dosage for the energizing, anti-stress and focusing effect. The CBD dosage has the uplifting effect while the adaptogens tailor the formulation to address the specific need state. Our nighttime formula has 25mg to help you drift off to sleep.

Paired together, day and night formulations offer the perfect solution for supplementation;


  • Start your day with a clear and focused mind and body. Fog Lifter has regenerative properties to increase focus and shake off the rust.
  • For a just-the-right-kick-start to your day, Day Shift capsule will lift your mood and energy, without any caffeine crash.
  • To guarantee your internal state maintains balance, no matter what your external environment throws at you, Ground Control supports the balance.


  • With a high dosage of CBD (25mg) and a strong combination of Zzzz vitamins and minerals (magnesium, melatonin and jujube extract to be exact), REM Ritual is your answer for falling - and staying - asleep. 

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