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Honestly, REM Ritual has been an absolute revelation. life-changing. I wasn’t sleeping and now I am and it has completely improved my work, mood and sense of calm at this crazy time.

I really love Ground Control. It balances my entire body and takes away that buzzy anxious feeling. Thank you!

I love REM Ritual! It works and you wake up totally refreshed.

LOVE this new line of CBD supplements. Fog Lifter is getting me through my back-to-back calls today!

Adaptogenic Formulas

We supercharge CBD with time-honored adaptogens to support homeostasis and balance.

Liposomal Technology

We are obsessed with bioavailability, and our cutting-edge liposomal process allows you to get the most out of each ingredient.

Daily Supplementation

Our formulations are designed for daily use to naturally supplement the body and provide cumulative benefits.